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We offer programming on the IBM AS/400 in various flavors of RPG. Skills also include PC and web programming using tools like PowerBuilder, VisualBasic, and Visual FoxPro, as well as other languages like Perl. Java and Linux training and certification is underway.

Our experience is extensive on the IBM AS/400, especially with the RPG programming language variants, and the control language (CL) that is used in conjunction. On the web side, for example, Perl programming has been used to create interactive and dynamic web pages.

The most recent project involves a utilities billing and management system on the AS/400. We've set up TCP/IP, upgraded PCs, upgraded software which interfaces to hand-held meter reading units, added a 401k-like retirement plan to the payroll module, etc. Back-up and disaster recovery procedures were established and documented. Training was conducted. Enhancements continue.

One project included programming for a telecommunications company to exchange billing information, automate orders processing, automate disconnects, migrate traffic across long-distance networks, and update network switches. A web site was built and an interactive customer service solution was implemented.

Other projects include Y2K conversions for food distribution companies. This work involved converting data for a new industry software package and customizing and creating programs for the new package for reporting and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with major vendors. Enhancements continue.

Experiences prior to the birth of this company include work with college management software written in COBOL on the AS/400 and Unix platforms, C programming on the PC, imaging systems, and manufacturing software. Technical work experience includes telecommunications systems like commercial Ku and C-band satellite, call accounting, and long distance telephone networking equipment like PBXes, dialers, and T-1 multiplexers.

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