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ProComm Services provides programming and web solutions on a number of platforms. My experience includes web development, programming and systems integration with micro, mini, midrange, and mainframe systems. Outside help from associates is called in when needed.

Recent experience includes enhancements to a Utilities Management System, extensive telecommunications programming, grocery distribution systems (Y2K) migration and enhancement projects, and web site building.

My experience also includes the manufacturing sector and a college management system. Programming on the IBM AS/400 (iSeries) is my specialty, but I enjoy working in a heterogenous environment. I now have an AS/400 system in-house for conversions and development. I run variants of Linux such as RedHat and variants of Unix like FreeBSD, and have taken training toward SAIR GNU Linux certification. My Microsoft experience goes back to the early days of DOS.

I obtained lots of other high-tech experience prior to forming my company - like state-of-the-art Ku and C band commercial satellite communications systems engineering and PBX telephone systems. Earlier, I acquired experience with communications and computer systems while in the U.S. Air Force, and before that worked in broadcasting with an FCC license while still in High School. Before I had a license to drive a car I was installing two-way radio systems, and automotive and commercial audio and video systems.

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